Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. is the initiator of the PP4C concept, which is a success in the Netherlands. Creating a strategic alliance of specialised companies in a specific market segment is quite innovative. Together the PP4C partners design, build and maintain working-areas for the different industrial sectors in which contamination control is required, such as Hygenic Food Production areas and cleanroom technology.

A partnership between Brecon International B.V., a well known specialised Dutch company within the Brecon Group, representing 25 years of experience in the cleanroom technology, on one side. And Stulz GmbH, as one of the world’s market leaders in HVAC technology and providing innovative solutions for Data Centres, climate- and contamination-controllable areas in laboratories and cleanrooms in general, on the other side. Together these two companies and a number of renowned companies as strategic alliance partner, represents the international PP4CE concept.

The Stulz subsidiary or the partner of the international Stulz organisation, working in over 160 countries in the world, will be your professional local contact. This subsidiary or local partner will be supported and has an important back up by all of the specialists within this alliance. A unique concept!!

‘Flexibility, quality, reliability and honesty are our core values’