Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


Bilthoven Biologicals (BBio) is accommodated in various buildings at Utrecht Science Park/Bilthoven (USPB).

The roots of BBio lie in the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), where they started developing and producing vaccines. In 2003 the activities for the state vaccination programme were continued under the name Netherlands Vaccine Institute (NVI). Then in 2012 the owner of the Serum Institute of India, the world’s biggest vaccine product, took over the activities of the NVI. This created a powerful combination of knowledge, network and facilities which are used to realize a forward-looking ambition: the goal of protecting children all over the world against infectious diseases with the help of excellent and affordable vaccines.

At the end of 2015, PP4C carried out a small building conversion. Deerns produced the design and managed the project as a whole. Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. was responsible for the realization in collaboration with PP4C partners Kuijpers and WERO Cleanroom Reiniging B.V..

Within a short time several walls, doors, window sections and ceiling sections were disassembled and moved to a nearby location. Kuijpers carried out a number of electrotechnical and mechanical engineering adjustments to enable Mixing Vessel G1 to be relocated to a new position in the relevant department. Subsequently all these elements had to be reinstalled by Kuijpers.
All tasks were carried out in line with the cleanroom clothing regime and the GMP guidelines that were in effect on site.
Following a thorough cleanroom cleaning process, a satisfactory validation was then completed successfully. And all this within the agreed timeline!