IGIENAIR International

IGIENAIR Air Quality Services

Service company specialized in air quality, ensuring in the cleanroom construction and its maintenance normative control services, such as:

Operational and performance qualifications

Cleanrooms are premises where the concentration of airborn particles is controlled to specified limits. The required standards of air cleanliness depend of the products manufactured in the cleanroom. Igienair can provide operational and performance qualifications of air in aerospace industry, micro-electronics, food industry, etc…

Certification of laboratories equipment

Igienair can provide certification of laboratories equipment to ensure compliance with current regulations and safety of operators, products at high risks and environment.

Leak tests of filters

Leak test of filters is a process of validation of the position of HEPA and ULPA filters. Igienair can provide both normalized methods: Emery method using a photometer and the DEHS method using a particle counter.

Air tightness tests of premises and air duct systems

The air tightness test quantifies and localizes the leakage of ventilation ducts or premises. It is the first step for a significant reduction of energy consumption while maintaining or improving indoor environmental quality.

Duct cleaning

The quality of the air we breathe has become a major public health issue. Igienair operates from the audit of plans and video surveys of your premises to the disinfection of air duct systems. Our specialists will create access doors before shutting off the air ducts if necessary and de ducting with automatic brushing. Igienair can operate in any type of business sectors and on any type of HVAC systems.

Airborn disinfection of surfaces

Airborn disinfection of surfaces is a technical process used to disinfect any room volume and even multiple rooms by creating a fog that spreads in a closed space and settles on all surfaces. The airborn disinfection is also known as “terminal disinfection”. It is a disinfectant method that can reach all surfaces, including those previously considered to be inaccessible: surfaces out of reach, hidden areas, or even areas which are usually enclosed.

Post construction and shut down cleaning – Micro cleaning

The post construction or shut down cleaning is operated when opening of new facilities or after rehabilitation of existing facilities. It is a decontamination process of all the surfaces, furniture, ceilings, walls, floors, etc. Micro cleaning is a specific disinfection or decontamination that is operated after a post construction or shut down cleaning. It is operated on all surfaces.