Deerns has extensive expertise in the planning, design and delivery of contamination-controlled research and production facilities and Laboratories that comply with international standards (ISO, VDI, GMP, BSL, FDA). Our experienced specialists have the necessary knowledge of all the necessary installations for ultra-clean production rooms and laboratories. This knowledge is based on years of experience of techniques for sophisticated air treatment, cleanroom materials and fixtures, lighting, air and liquid filtration, access monitoring and exhaust air systems. Our expertise is based on the experience gained from completed projects at the sites of Phillips, TNO, RIVM, ASML, Danone, Amolf, DSM and Delft University of Technology and others.

Deerns is an international engineering consultancy specialising in installation engineering, energy and building physics. A staff of 600 works in offices all over the world. Deerns’ expertise includes advice and designs for installations, building physics, sustainable energy provision and the design of airports, cleanrooms, laboratories, data centres, hospitals, offices, hotels and museums.