The past four years at Brecon  The presentation of the new development strategy to the shareholders of Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. at the start of 2014 marked a special moment in our history. As a consultant, I had done everything I could to get an idea of the Controlled Environment market. I carried out competitor […]

Success gives an adrenaline rush!

Everyone is familiar with success in sports or otherwise. Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush that it gives as well? In March of this year, we were introduced to a large EMS producer in Bayern (Bavaria), Germany. In addition to many other definitions, EMS also means Electronic Manufacturing Services. This company often assembles electronic components […]

“Never too old to face challenges!”

That I would keep myself busy with writing a blog, I really did not expect that anymore. Let’s face it, with the nice age of 63 you sometimes have some trouble with all the developments on social media and I can assure everyone: I will not have any problems with private information on the web […]