PP4CE wins first overseas assignment!

This week, Brecon International received a nice assignment with its PP4CE organization. Together with her HVAC partner Stulz, from the German city of Hamburg, they will realize a cleanroom in Silicon Valley, USA.
One expects a qualification and complete delivery of the cleanroom in March 2019. In this case it concerns a smaller unit of approx. 350 m2, ISO 14644 class 7, built on an existing location of the client, active in the micro-electronics market, which for the time being does not want to go public.

The management of Brecon International is of course very enthusiastic about the results achieved in the start-up period of the international alliance PP4CE. Several partners will also be able to supply or install their services and / or products in the US.

In September PP4CE will present itself internationally as a sponsor of the ISCC 2018. The International Symposium on Contamination Control, held from 22 to 26 September in The Hague, will be visited by a large number of international specialists in the field of ‘Controlled Environment’.

Ofcaurse the PP4CE management is happy to be able to inform the visitors about the first results!

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