Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


In order to avoid mistakes, below is the original English description of the research group at the Technical University TU Twente (NL), on whose behalf Brecon discussed the delivery of cleanroom technology with the TU.

In 2015, TU Twente was our partner in jointly finding a solution for the creation of an ISO 14644 Class 5 environment in the existing lab of this research group. Two smaller cleanrooms, with a very transparent design and in a mobile version, had to be constructed directly adjacent to the access doors near the machinery set up in the lab. Two Brecon Mobile CleanAir Units (MCAU) were chosen for the construction.

The units are constructed of a heavy aluminium frame with a plenum feature that contains the air handling with Filter Fan Units and the LED lighting units. The walls are made of layered safety glass and, where needed, a flexible access to the machine has been made with PVC slats in an anti-static finish. The MCAU has connections for compressed air and nitrogen in the columns, as well as contact points for data traffic. The access to the unit consists of an electrically operated sliding door. Prior to placement, the complete units were constructed entirely prefab at our location in Etten-Leur (NL). After full quality assessment and approval, the units were disassembled. Then the assembly of the units was performed on location in Twente over a period of a few days!

Delivery occurred in January, with no comments or remarks on the part of our client. Our PP4C partners WERO and CMI provided, respectively, the cleaning and a successful validation of the units.
The furnishing with stainless steel work tables and chairs will also be provided shortly by Brecon.

We wish TU Twente a prosperous future and much success for the Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics!