Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


NTS designs, manufactures, assembles and tests complex mechatronic and opto-mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for large high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs). As a primary system supplier, NTS focuses on companies in markets with a high level of product variety, low volumes and high complexity – such as semiconductors, life sciences and digital printing – for which precision and versatility are of the utmost importance. NTS excels in this, and advises and assists customers in the realisation of their goals for the entire lifecycle of their machinery. Over the past years, NTS has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and expertise regarding systems and modules for the handling, transfer and alignment of machines. The company applies this knowledge to its customers’ unique products. This gives the customers the space to concentrate optimally on their core processes and on supplying their machinery faster and at a lower cost.

Last autumn, Brecon Cleanroom Systems implemented an adjustment to an existing cleanroom at NTS-Group. The installation of a new washing machine required several changes to the walls and doorways. We installed a service wall with removable panels at the rear of the new washing machine, allowing the machine to be properly maintained.

The pre-acceptance cleaning prior to completion was carried out by PP4C partner WERO.