Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


Nelipak Healthcare Packaging in Venray has 60 years of experience in manufacturing thermoformed packaging. Specialisations now include packaging for medical devices and pharmaceutical products. The quality of this kind of packaging as well as the production areas must meet the most stringent requirements.

As such, we have installed a 120m2, ISO 14644 class 8 cleanroom at Nelipak in January 2017. The walls and ceilings are based on cleanroom technology developed for the semiconductor sector. The walls consist of Brecon’s specially developed MOM double-shell wall system with 16 mm melamine panel material, and high-speed doors have been installed. The ceiling is a Brecon BPM 100 ceiling, which is strong enough to walk on.

Our PP4C partner Kuijpers Installaties B.V. was responsible for the HVAC installation and PP4C partner Bolidt installed the floor.