Food Hyigenic Concept (FHC)


Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) is a well-known manufacturer of baby food (powdered milk). At their plant in Nijmegen, the company uses various raw materials to create a high-quality product, of which large quantities find their way to the Chinese market.

Many of our team at Brecon Bouw en Onderhoud has spent most of 2017 at MJN’s Nijmegen location.
In late 2016, Brecon Group was asked to engineer a design for the refurbishment of an existing 400m2 production space, complete with machines and a large network of pipes and mains.
While the design process for the refurbishment of an existing and operational production space into a high and mid-care Controlled Environment was already quite challenging, realising it all within a three-week time frame proved to be an exceedingly demanding task. Together with our PP4C partner Kuijpers, however, we set to work.

After a lengthy period of preparation and engineering, predominantly based on the EHEDG guidelines and in excellent cooperation with the specialist team at MJN, the job started with a driven group of 120 employees!
Our window for completing the job was 23 days of 24 hours.
Not one minute went to waste and no problem proved insurmountable – together, we worked on the project full-time for over three weeks.
In the end, the team proved able to finalise the project before the deadline and in a way that the client was very pleased with.
The successful execution of an assignment that had at first seemed borderline impossible is something that everyone involved can be rightfully proud of!

Besides this project, this year will see continuous work on corrective and preventive maintenance work at the plant. A lot of this work has already been carried out, but there is still much left to be done.

We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with this great client in the future.

We would like to thank the team of motivated colleagues at MJN, our driven Brecon employees and all other parties involved with this project, especially our PP4C partners:

This work was completed by Brecon using, among other things: Brecon Cassette Panel BCS / HPL wall system, windows and doors (steel), and the Brecon BPM 100 ceiling, which is strong enough to walk on.