Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


Kadans Science Partner develops and builds commercial real estate and commercial premises for knowledge-intensive businesses and institutions in the Netherlands. Based on this philosophy, Kadans has built a new business site, a ‘functional packaging centre’ for Sencio in Nijmegen. Sencio specialises in developing, producing and assembling complex packaging for the semi-conductor sector and the automotive industry (sensors), and others besides.

In August 2015, Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. started building a number of larger cleanrooms, airlocks and clean areas for various workshops. The total surface area is 1,050 m2. What made this project special was the fact that the new design had to be realised using materials from two previously used cleanrooms and that it had to be done in a short space of time. It had to be delivered in the first week of November!

Together with Unica Installatietechniek, represented by Erol Askoy, manager of the Hoevelaken branch, and Martijn de Graaf as project manager, we took on this challenge as a construction team. When we started, demolition work was still in full swing in other parts of the beautiful, classical industrial premises at the old Philips site. Over the space of three months the cleanroom slowly took shape, classified in accordance with ISO 14644 class 7 and 8. Recently our PP4C partner WERO cleaned the cleanroom and validated it as ‘approved’.

The result is certainly impressive! What started out as containers full of used materials and many pallets of sheet metal was transformed into a beautiful cleanroom. The structural and mechanical engineering deliveries have now been completed. Only some minor work, resulting from the delayed delivery of components, which is unavoidable in situations with such a short construction time, needs finishing off by Unica. As far as Brecon is concerned, the delivery went off without a single hitch. We congratulate our project team under the leadership of Project Manager Danny Janssen on this successful result!

We wish Sencio many successful years in the cleanroom.