Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


Our client CoreDux Nederland b.v., part of the global CoreDux group, specialises in manufacturing and assembling flexible hoses and bellows under clean room conditions.At the end of November 2014 Brecon Cleanroom Systems b.v. was appointed the main contractor for building a new 200 m2 clean room, ISO 14644 class 7 and 8, as well as the subsequent build of a 300 m2 clean room, as yet unclassified.Thanks to outstanding preparation by the CoreDux management and optimal cooperation between the various PP4C partners, we were able to complete the entire installation process within a very short period of time. Just before Christmas Bolidt applied epoxy floor screed and coatings to the floors. On 5 January work then started on the structure in combination with construction of the necessary ducts and additional infrastructure. The Brecon Semiconductor wall and ceiling system was used as the basis and Kuijpers Controlled Environments assumed responsibility for installing the air treatment system with heating, cooling and humidification. To comply with CoreDux sustainability aims an enthalpy control was developed specifically for this client. This system component ensured an optimal energy concept! The entire building process was problem-free with complete harmony between all of the parties involved.PP4C partner WERO finished cleaning everything on 18 February, immediately after which CMI from Eindhoven was able to conduct the classification testing. The various clean room areas were successfully validated in accordance with the Specification of Requirements.The walls were built using our MOM wall system. This is a modular system based on Omega profiles in combination with 16 mm melamine panels. The walls include various glazing and door units. Two ovens have been integrated into the front of the clean room wall to keep the heat load on the outside of the clean room. The ceiling is an NBM 24 system which cannot be walked on.