Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. (BESI) is a company active in semi-conductor assembly equipment development, production, marketing, sales and service for the worldwide semiconductor and electronics industries. Headquartered in Duiven in the Netherlands, BESI is an international organisation with eight sales and service offices across Europe, Asia and North America.

At BESI’s Duiven location, Brecon Cleanroom Systems has completed successful delivery of an ISO 14644 class 6 classified cleanroom.

The 80m2 space contains a fully-fitted lock for people and materials, which is connected to the cleanroom and to a small wet lab. PP4C partner Kuijpers did all the electrical wiring and also connected the FFUs, which safeguard air quality in the cleanroom. The walls and ceilings consist of Brecon’s specially developed MOM single and double-shell wall system with 16 mm melamine panel material. The walls are fitted with several window units and single cleanroom doors and one double cleanroom door. The ceiling is a Brecon BPM 100 ceiling, which is strong enough to walk on. LED fittings in the ceiling provide lighting in the cleanroom. The floor covering, final cleaning and classification were performed by PP4C partners Bolidt, WERO and CMI.

The Brecon Cleanroom Academy also organised an introduction to cleanroom technology for 35 BESI employees!

We would like to thank BESI for choosing Brecon Cleanroom Systems and our PP4C partners for the design and construction of this beautiful new cleanroom.