Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


Since 1986 ATM Oirschot has specialised in the treatment of aluminium and other metals such as stainless steel and titanium. Aluminium can be anodised, but hard anodising or chromating is also possible. Over the past 10 years, ATM Mould Cleaning has evolved into a specialist in the field of cleaning of products treated by ATM, which are then packaged in a cleanroom.
The growth of the company and the continuous pursuit of optimum production opportunities led to the desire to settle in a new location as from 1 January 2016. The decision was made for new construction of offices, production facilities, cleanroom and logistics at De Scheper in Oirschot (NL), a few hundred metres from their original location.
Brecon received the request in mid-2015 to build a cleanroom the size of 530 m2, divided into various spaces with ISO 14644 Classifications 6, 7 and 8.
The largest production hall had a height of 6 metres and required extra attention from a construction point of view.
In terms of execution, it was not entirely clear at that time which type of wall and ceiling system was desired. Various options were then proposed.
The management team of ATM finally chose to build a cleanroom on its new company premises, which was prepared for production and assembly activities within a GMP environment.

Based on this choice, Brecon has built the cleanroom with the Brecon Monoblock system. Ceilings and walls were made of 62-mm-thick cassette panels with a 0.7-mm steel plate finish, coated in RAL 9002 of 25 microns thick.
Large expanses of glass windows were included in the design as well as 13 hallways by way of rolling walk-through doors. Complex gates with multiple possibilities to access various spaces required a customised interlock system. The lighting had to be brought up to the level of 500 LUX, and the limited options in the ceiling, as a result of many tracks and grills, required a customised approach. We found a comprehensive solution with the installation of 80 LED units of Luciblade, which have a connection developed by Brecon, that we had produced in this limited series using 3D printing technology!
The floor was to be finished with a hollow skirting board of a high mechanical strength, be waterproof and anti-slip, but also be able to be cleaned well. The entire cleanroom naturally had to be constructed completely flush.

Moreover, the entire building project was to be started just before the building trades vacation in 2015 and the factory had to be operational in January 2016. A great challenge where Brecon was able to fully utilise its knowledge and experience.

In collaboration with the contractor Goevaers & Znn. Bouwonderneming B.V. and the fitters KEMTEC Installatietechniek and Verheggen Elektrotechniek, six months of hard work went into realising this pretentious project. The deadline was made and on 21 December 2015 Brecon was able to deliver the cleanroom without any comments or remarks from the client!

PP4C partner Mennens (Cleanroom Cranes B.V.) was responsible for the placement of 9 cranes, which varied from 160 kg to 2000 kg.
PP4C partner WERO was responsible for the complete cleaning of the cleanroom for the successful validation.
PP4C partner Bolidt took responsibility for the placement of 540 m2 of EP trowelled floor of type BolidtTop 700 with a total of 227 m1 length of hollow skirting board finishing.

We congratulate the staff and CEO Peter Vogels on the new company location and wish them much success in the future!