Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


At the end of September 2015 we delivered a 44m² Mobile CleanAir Unit to Aldor. Aldor BV specialises in surface treating products for mechanical engineering, the automotive branch, the construction and electronics industries and other sectors. They are specialists in anodising and chromating aluminium products. In addition to this they perform a wide range of pre and post treatments in-house – such a grinding and polishing (mechanical and chemical), laser engraving, etc. Now they can also clean and package the materials they produce under cleanroom conditions!

The Mobile CleanAir Unit provides a decontaminated room for cleaning and packing in accordance with ISO 14644 Class 7. The Unit has a material and personnel airlock. Laminar air flow units are used for the air treatment.

In addition to the FFUs the ceiling also has integrated, energy-efficient LED lighting units. All walls are fitted with 3mm PVC vertical blinds, either with or without sliding rails.

This Mobile CleanAir Unit was validated by PP4C partner CMI.