Semi Conductor Related (SCR)


Airopack Technology Group AG is a leading supplier of mechanical, pressure-controlled packaging technologies and dispenser systems for manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetics, body care, pharmaceutical and food products.

Last summer Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. constructed a cleanroom, with a total floor area of 185m² and walls 3.5m¹ high, at a branch of Airopack (Airosolutions NV) in Heist-op-den-Berg (B). In doing so, the Brecon Cassette System was used. Ceilings and walls were made of 62-mm-thick cassette panels, with a 0.8-mm steel plate finish, coated in RAL 9002, 25 microns thick. 12 double-sided glass elements were placed in the walls, and everything was completed with a flush finish. 11 Filter Fan Units were installed, which provide clean air in the cleanroom. LED panel lighting was selected as the lighting technology. This cleanroom was classified according to the GMP standard classes C and D.

PP4C partner WERO services carried out the cleansing and PP4C partner CMI validated the cleanroom.