VAN AKEN Concepts, Architecture & Engineering

founded in 1979, is a European company based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). VAN AKEN is active in architecture, urbanism and interior architecture with an emphasis on high tech projects. All employees are highly educated, versatile and very well familiar with the latest BIM developments. Clients love to come back to VAN AKEN because of their almost forty years of innovative ideas and clever solutions.

VAN AKEN has significant experience in building on an enormous scale and understands the importance of precision engineering. For example, VAN AKEN has engineered cleanrooms and datacenters with vibration-free floors, floors with a level tolerance of as little as 1 mm or resistant to earthquakes with force 9 on the Richter scale. Combining precision engineering with fire safety, FM-Global regulation, LEED, interior functional design, detailing, BREEAM, building physics and architecture is VAN AKEN’s forte.

All our designs are developed in a BIM (Building Information Model). BIM is a virtual prototype of any project. It allows us to create a complete 3-dimensional model to simulate and assess any aspect of design performance before, during and after it is built. VAN AKEN has been working with BIM since 2008 and is currently leading in Revit software knowledge. VAN AKEN’s BIM coordinator is active as member in Revit Users Platforms.