For more and more industries, a controlled environment is an essential part of the business process. Whether it concerns organisations in food, pharma, high-tech, research or healthcare, Kuijpers is your partner in contamination control and the accompanying facilities. We are involved in the largest, most complex and most beautiful projects in the Netherlands in this area. We make sure that our client’s process functions demonstrably well in terms of quality and safety.

Kuijpers takes care of clients throughout the entire process: we are a committed partner from the very first question through feasibility studies, consultancy, design, realisation, delivery, maintenance and exploitation. Our team of specialists has proven multidisciplinary expertise in the field of critical installations. Because of that expertise, knowledge and experience, we not only approach complex projects integrally, but also translate questions about controlled environments from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, HVAC, building automation, security systems, clean rooms, shell construction, clean utilities, security systems and other installations solutions.

Safety, quality and hygiene. These are three crucial factors in the food industry. The extremely strict requirements you impose on your installations and building are justified: in these sectors, the impact of a contamination, pollution or infection is great.  Besides our specialism in controlled environments, we are also experts in process technology and automation. Kuijpers ensures that installations, pipelines, tanks, boilers and machines meet the high demands of quality, hygiene and safety.

Kuijpers works with many international clients like: HALIX,J&J, MSD, Poonawalla Group, Abbott, Eurofins etc. All functions and facilities for an ultra clean, stable environment continue to work optimally. Although the environments vary greatly, the objective is always the same: under no circumstances may any possible contamination enter or leave the space. In all steps of the process, we ensure a maximum alignment between our way of working and your company- or branch specific needs.