Cleanroom Cranes designed & engineered by Mennens

Cleanroom Cranes designed & engineered by Mennens is part of the Mennens Group. As a specialist in cleanroom cranes we are active worldwide. Together with our partners in America and Asia we are involved in the design, production, distribution and installation of cleanroom cranes. Every crane that we supply is custom made. We offer a wide range of possibilities. From a lifting capacity ranging from 50 kg to 20 metric tons, from one to several cranes, anything is possible. Our A-quality cranes are non-contaminating, leave no particulate matter, are accurate, silent and fit seamlessly in a cleanroom environment. In addition, all our cranes carry international quality labels. Our products are extremely suitable for the semi-conductor industry, pharma, aerospace engineering, and the food sector.

Not only cranes. The specific experience and know-how of lifting products gave us new opportunities. We can offer a wide range of lifting tools, fall arrest, Climbing tools, equipment and safety products. The tools and products we offer are specifically designed for use inside laboratory, cleanroom and other conditioned areas within the semiconductor industry, food, healthcare, aerospace or pharmaceutical production facilities.With our knowledge of these products we also have the opportunity to offer it custom made. This is making us your partner for the total concept of lifting and working on height in conditioned environments.