SRBA Group Controlled Environment

The SRBA Group can attribute a large proportion of its excellent reputation as a constructor of cleanrooms to continuity in the delivery of quality products within the semiconductor industry, with ASML as our most important associate in the past decades. However, we are also active in a significantly higher number of market segments. We regularly complete successful clean environment projects in all other industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as within the healthcare and medical devices sector! For us, the right design, based on your programme of requirements (URS) and the qualitative delivery, construction and layout of a conditioned room is the basis for a correct and pleasant (GMP) work environment.

Walls, ceilings, windows and doors, we always aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction, during the design phase, the construction process and during the period of the project. Several top-quality product systems are available for the various disciplines and quality requirements; developed and produced by our own production company.

The SRBA Group is initiator of the PP4C concept, now a success in the Netherlands. A strategic Alliance of specialised companies in the cleanroom sector. Together they design, construct and maintain cleanrooms for various industrial sectors. The customer, however, only has contact with one person, who supervises and manages the entire design and construction process. Whereas in the Netherlands the ‘C’ in PP4C stands for Cleanroom Technology, we have expanded our operations for the international market and refer to ‘Professional Partners for a Controlled Environment’, which then becomes PP4CE. Together with our PP4CE partners we offer a turnkey solution for all your germ-free and/or dust-free rooms.

Do you have plans to build or refurbish a cleanroom or laboratory, or do you need a new layout? Are you looking for a good partner for the design and construction of a high care area at your business site? Are you looking for support in determining the correct clothing regime or a periodic maintenance plan? Then contact us for further introduction to our all-in-one service package and experience how it can work with a business where flexibility, quality, reliability and honesty are and have been at the forefront for more than 27 years.