Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems

Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems develops, produces and installs high-quality synthetic floor and wallsystems for clients in industrial construction, utilities construction and marine engineering. As well as offering excellent functional characteristics, these systems are aesthetically superior. Bolidt’s systems are seamless, resistant to chemicals and can be supplied with any level of electrical conductivity as required. They are sustainable by virtue of their long service life, simple maintenance and scope for layering, as well as their use of ‘green’ raw materials such as plant-based biopolymers. The range of Bolidt floor and wall finishings in cleanrooms has a unique feature: resistance to bacteria and fungi. Diverse types of hazardous bacteria and fungi found in the food sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and the healthcare sector have no chance of survival: upon coming into contact with the synthetic surface they are killed, mechanically and chemically.