“One good turn, deserves another”

Last month we worked hard on our activities in the USA. I have to conclude that supplying and building a cleanroom in California is certainly not the easiest thing in the world. The requirements imposed in that part of the US on the construction and components of a clean room are absolutely incomparable to how the authorities in Europe deal with this. Everything is related to extremely strict requirements and very difficult to obtain building permits. It goes without saying that people in Europe also comply with the applicable rules and directives, but what we have to provide in California in terms of information and how difficult it is to obtain a permit there for the construction of a relatively simple “box in box” space is really outrageous. It has everything to do with the local earthquake risk, so it is understandable. It just costs you some more grey hair….

A truly difficult delivery, but all the more joy when in a while the final result will be there..

Speaking of deliveries, I can’t leave the birth of our ninth grandchild unmentioned.  Our daughter Minke and her husband Piet gave birth on February 7th to their third daughter with the beautiful name Sam, and once again it is a very healthy little child. Like I sent a message to my business relations: Controlled Environment is important, but family expansion with one of your children is “true happiness” again! By the way, mother and daughter are doing very well.

Meanwhile Brecon is busy in Germany with the construction of 2600 m² cleanroom. The complete work consists of two phases and we will therefore still be working there for a while. However, the work is now continuing steadily and the results are also becoming visible here.

Just delivered: KMWE Cleanroom at the BIC in Eindhoven. (photographer Studio38C)

Also at the BIC in Eindhoven we have delivered another beautiful work, without even a single delivery point. The engineering was provided by PP4C partner Deerns and then we worked in good harmony with Kuijpers to achieve a super result for the prestigious company KMWE. The qualification by CMI resulted in an ISO 14644 class 3 “as built”. Also because of the excellent cleaning activities of WERO Cleanroom cleaning, this is again a beautiful PP4C reference! I think we are approaching the start of the 30th cleanroom project, achieved in the past 4 years of collaboration within PP4C. Not bad at all!

Of course I don’t just want to write about our projects, but honestly, we are very proud of the ongoing developments! Realising beautiful works on the one hand and successfully bringing in new challenging projects on the other hand. Surely one enjoys that and it gives you an adrenaline boost every time! How fast it can go….

Just over a year ago we were in a dated building in Etten-Leur. And now we work in our modern business facility in Tilburg with a growing team of enthusiastic colleagues in an increasingly professional organization with a fantastic working atmosphere. Hence the title of this blog! Whether they are clients or new potential employees, when you meet Brecon for the first time, you will become acquainted with a modern organisation, a professional policy and a good working atmosphere.

We are just like a winning soccer team or a skating or cycling team that regularly wins impressive titles. Suddenly people want to talk to you and work with you. Your fame transcends your own region and nationwide they stand in line for the athletes. In the end, everyone wants to be identified with a winning team. And that’s no different in the business world…. Beautiful, isn’t it?

In my last blog there were two pictures where I could be seen with my brace. It is hard to imagine how often you are asked if you have had a ski accident, at this time of year. Sometimes a bit tiring, therefore all the better that my new orthopedic shoes will be ready in a few weeks. At this point I am walking with a trial copy of a new shoe and I have to say to my joy that this feels very good. Just walking as in the past is no longer possible, but I do notice that with the right shoe I can do a bit more. Maybe I’ll be working in the garden again this Spring. That would be fantastic.

That Spring seems to have arrived already in February this year. However, we all know that March and April can still bring some Winter weather. We’ll see. In any case, the shortest day is already well behind us and we are all looking forward to the best time of the year: Spring. I will find the time in April / May to write another blog and by then I will also know how it goes with walking. I hope for the best and will keep you informed. In the meantime, I wish everyone a beautiful Spring and good luck and good health, both in business and private.

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