“Never too old to face challenges!”

That I would keep myself busy with writing a blog, I really did not expect that anymore. Let’s face it, with the nice age of 63 you sometimes have some trouble with all the developments on social media and I can assure everyone: I will not have any problems with private information on the web by using Facebook or Instagram. I really do not feel at home on such platforms, where everyone thinks the world is interested in the colour of the underwear you wear that day, or what I ate that evening!

Rest assured, if you decide to continue reading this first blog, you will at most get to know me and read something about my passion, my work! In the future I would also like to share what I am concerned with and what my experiences are in our area of ​​work, develop and build Controlled Environment facilities. That may be about international trends and developments in our expertise, great stories about realised projects or whatever comes my way!

Anyway, age is already known. To view my career, it’s best to check out my LinkedIn site. In any case, I was allowed to do damn interesting work, cooperated with many intelligent and interesting people, in both small and also 15 years in very large companies and I have travelled a lot. I am happily married, have four wonderful adult children and together they are responsible for 8 fantastic grandchildren.

After more than 30 years working in the construction-chemical world, I became acquainted with cleanroom technology, almost 5 years ago! Super interesting, and a very nice product segment. From that acquaintance I was part of the Brecon Group management. After having led the group as general manager for a number of years, I am currently occupied with the marketing strategy for the entire group and the development of our international activities.

I am the initiator of the PP4C and PP4CE concept. A partnership within our field: Controlled Environment! Check the sites if you have never heard of these two market parties in this domain.

PP4C has been very successful on the Dutch market for several years and at the end of this year PP4CE will also be known in the international Controlled Environment market as a designer and builder of Turnkey Controlled Environment facilities. They do this for various market segments, such as Pharma, food, medical devices, but also the semiconductor market and many related market segments.

How did I actually come up with the PP4C (E) concept?

From my construction chemistry time it was clear to me that there are many different disciplines in a building process, for which specific product- and professional knowledge is necessary. Specialized companies are therefore required to perform these special activities correctly. Even though it may not seem obvious, but for example, you do not allow a sand-cement floor layer to place a complex multi-component Epoxy or PU bonded floor. Both earn their money on their knees, but their expertise has virtually no connection.

On balance, you do need some companies to successfully develop and built  a Controlled Environment project. A client actually does not want 10 discussion partners, but prefers to maintain contact with one company in order to get the project cleared. So it seemed to me a clear improvement if a number of specialized companies in this field would work together! That would have to be professionals with the necessary experience!

Take a look at the list of partners on our website and everyone immediately sees what I mean by professionals…

Who will do what, at what time and what will it cost. Who then ensures that the whole runs in a coordinated way and is ready within the specified time? The client wants to have that clear.

Meanwhile, we have made it clear that it is precisely our partnership PP4C (E) that makes it possible to answer the above-mentioned questions satisfactorily and we have a list of references, in different market segments, where we have successfully implemented our turnkey concept.

Have we learned anything from all those assignments?

“Try to understand the project from the customer’s perspective and be aware of his vision of possible risks and resulting challenges.

 Analyse the way you deal with these challenges and communicate this in a clear and open way. Only with honest and healthy cooperation can we meet the expectations of the customer “.

That is what we keep in mind over and over again, and where in the start-up phase of our cooperation we certainly also made some mistakes had to pay some lesson money for. However, if you have learned to understand this, you can often achieve the highest possible satisfaction with your clients. And it is true that we try to make a reference of each work, which in turn can lead to new assignments.

Sure enough, I will also start a blog! Without making any firm promises, I want to promise to share knowledge or news with the reader every few weeks. This will mainly concern Controlled Environment developments, but I will not fail to pick up a topic that might be current in my area at the time.

I hope for many readers, or is that called ‘followers’?

Just like the lessons we have learned in our PP4C (E) activities, I am aware that I have to understand from what perspective my readers are interested in Controlled Environment. So at least I hope to be challenged by you, ask questions or give critical feedback.

Not only for challenges you are never too old, but certainly not for learning, so I take your advice absolutely seriously ……

Greeting Geerd

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