The Netherlands is losing confidence in meat consumption … It has been 2 years since the strategic partnership PP4C (Professional Partners for Controlled Environment), an initiative of the undersigned, decided to have a study carried out among the Dutch and Belgian food industry. Everyone spoke about the great future expectations that this industrial segment had […]


It’s been 4 months since the last blog… Laziness? Long vacation? Or perhaps nothing unusual has happened for me to write a decent blog about? None of the above! These just happen to be tremendously busy times. Building up our new organisation simply requires a great deal of time and our international ambitions are challenging […]

Melancholy… and bam, I’m already over it!

The warehouse demolished and the production part which will also disappear within a few weeks… All in all, I have been active as a director in various companies for 36 years now. During all these years I have tried to represent the interests of shareholders as best I can. Admittedly, I also had to make […]

“One good turn, deserves another”

Last month we worked hard on our activities in the USA. I have to conclude that supplying and building a cleanroom in California is certainly not the easiest thing in the world. The requirements imposed in that part of the US on the construction and components of a clean room are absolutely incomparable to how […]


Joining me are founder and MD of GCSS, Krikiov Djabourian and Darren (GCSS M+S Director) and two engineers from Abu Dhabi representing the Space Technology University faculty It took a little longer than expected…. A few months ago, in my first blog, I explained that you could expect to hear from me with a blog every […]


The past four years at Brecon  The presentation of the new development strategy to the shareholders of Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. at the start of 2014 marked a special moment in our history. As a consultant, I had done everything I could to get an idea of the Controlled Environment market. I carried out competitor […]

Success gives an adrenaline rush!

Everyone is familiar with success in sports or otherwise. Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush that it gives as well? In March of this year, we were introduced to a large EMS producer in Bayern (Bavaria), Germany. In addition to many other definitions, EMS also means Electronic Manufacturing Services. This company often assembles electronic components […]

“Never too old to face challenges!”

That I would keep myself busy with writing a blog, I really did not expect that anymore. Let’s face it, with the nice age of 63 you sometimes have some trouble with all the developments on social media and I can assure everyone: I will not have any problems with private information on the web […]