In 2019, the PP4C alliance did a wonderful job at one of its relations. This is a large international pharmaceutical group for which we were allowed to build a 600 m2 GMP classified cleanroom. The cleanroom consists of three layers: a 2nd floor with the  complete HVAC installation, an intermediate floor for the channel work as well as giving access to the lighting and the HEPA filter technology, and on the ground floor you will find the cleanroom centrally built in the heart: the six stainless steel laminar air booths in which the various production operations are carried out.

The project was carried out on an architectural basis by the Brecon Group (reinforcing the foundation under the existing floor construction with additional screw piles as well as supplying and installing the steel construction). The cleanroom is completely built with the known BCPS system (Brecon Cassette Panel System). The six beautiful stainless steel laminar booth units are designed and placed by Denios. The more than exquisitely designed and executed E and W installation was realized by Kuijpers. Floors were installed by Bolidt, the sliding doors were delivered and installed by the Assa Abloy Group and WERO realized the cleaning in accordance with the VCCN 10 step-by-step plan.

Truly a beautiful PP4C turnkey project that we are proud to be able to show you, that was the opinion of the relevant client as well! That is why, together with them, we have commissioned BIGFISH Animation to make a short film impression of this work in which we also introduce the PP4C organization to you.

Enjoy watching.

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