SRBA Controlled Environment former known as Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. is the initiator of the PP4C concept, which is a success in the Netherlands. Creating a strategic alliance of specialised companies in a specific market segment is quite innovative. Together the PP4C partners design, build and maintain working-areas for the different industrial sectors in which contamination control is required, such as Hygenic Food Production areas and cleanroom technology.

A partnership between a number of specialized companies that work in market segments such as semiconductor, pharmacy, medical devices and / or the food sector. Between these companies, we have extensive experience in the field of Controlled Environment solutions. These companies, which individually play an important role in designing, constructing, furnishing and maintaining clean and air-conditioned rooms, where specific requirements are imposed for the quality of the overall working environment, PP4CE International offers turnkey solutions.

This might include laboratories and/or cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor market, or ‘High Care’ production areas in the food or feed industry. PP4CE is capable of translating production and other processes into logistics concepts within a spatial concept where a controlled environment is considered necessary. The requirements are then translated into the most effective and sustainable technical realisation.

‘Flexibility, quality, reliability and honesty are our core values’