PP4CE is sponsor of ISCC’18

PP4CE is Sponsor of the International Symposium on Contamination Control 2018. This international symposium will be held this year in The Hague the Netherlands. PP4CE is pleased to invite you to visit the symposium one of these days (23 – 26 September).

The program (with a proviso) will be filled in at a later date with names of speakers and titles of the presentations, and the tutorials. View the program on the ISCC’18 website. The program consists of:

  • 5 keynote speakers
  • 22 speaker sessions
  • 11 workshops
  • 4 tutorials

The program also offers extra activities such as a banquet in the Louwman Museum and technical tours for an excursion by large companies such as Philips and ASML.

Early bird discount

Participants can use the early bird discount until 1 April 2018. Register immediately to make use of this discount. View the possibilities here, divided into 4 packages.

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